a honey tongue.

je m'appelle caitlyn. i live in my head, among other places like new york. i work in a shoe store and go to community college. i dream of opening my own bakery and being a photographer.

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scorpio, amateur photographer, crackberry addict, girlfriend, sister, aspiring traveler, cupcake enthusiast, and introvert.

harry potter, my blackberry, psychology, bill murray, cupcakes, boots, my subaru forester, vermont, sunny days, british tv, early mornings, lakehouses, red wine, best friends, misfits, tea, natalie portman, snowy mornings, philosophy, msnbc, british tv, espresso, roadtrips, nyc, lindt truffles, dubstep, my boyfriend, sewing, my canon 40d, skins, disaronno, french language, discovering new music, typography, dreamcatchers, boston, bob dylan, and many other things.

callings in life: baking, photography, beer pong, super smash brothers, writing & grammar, daydreaming.

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via Caitee Smith

via Caitee Smith

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Tuesday Jan 1 @ 04:16pm
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